Thankful 30 – Day 26, freedom

It’s Thanksgiving day and I am sitting in a recliner at my friend’s house preparing to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Holidays are known for traditions. Spectating and marveling over the unique, creative floats is one of my traditions. I am not with family. I am not at “home” to enjoy regular holiday festivities. However, I am free.

Jamestown, Virginia

Freedom is often unappreciated. If you have watched any news media in recent weeks, we Americans are extremely fortunate. We are mostly safe and free to do as we please. We take this for granted. Just like I have the freedom to go where I want for Thanksgiving. Many people across the world do not have that freedom.

I am blessed for freedom to make my own choices, while adhering to laws and regulations, and live a happy, healthy life. As you may have read in my past blog posts, I am grateful for many things. On Thanksgiving today, I am thankful for the freedom provide in our country that originated from the pilgrims and Christopher Columbus seeking freedom to explore the “New World’.


We are here thanks to them. We maintain this freedom thanks to our troops. These soldiers often give up their personal freedom so we can enjoy ours. Today, I will enjoy some yummy turkey, vegetables and desserts in honor of these people. They deserve freedoms too. I pray they can experience that same freedom in the near future.


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