Thankful 30 – Day 28, coaches and mentors

Have you ever tried to figure out everything on your own? When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Personal goals, relationships, finances, career ambitions, beliefs, athletics, etc.
If you have, please comment. You must be superhuman and I’d love to connect with you!

I know I certainly cannot figure out everything on my own. Most cannot. That’s what makes coaches and mentors so valuable in life.

Today, I am thankful for coaches and mentors. I have had and currently have many in my life. Some I talk to more frequently, others, we may not talk for months but can pick up right where we left off. It amazes me how working with others can help you gain insights, discuss different options and perspectives, and ultimately see things beyond your view.

coaches and mentors
Buckeye BarBELLEs and first few
months building relationship with
my current fitness coach, Alycia!
She is the one in the red jacket.

In more stressful, pressing times in life, I tend to shut people out and not talk with people. I do not reach out to my mentors and coaches like I should. I am learning to do better at asking questions, seeking help and not being ashamed or afraid to.

Whether it is working with my fitness and nutrition coach for bodybuilding or talking with a mentor about sales tactics or career objectives, communication is key. I know I cannot stay focused 100% of the time on my nutrition and lifting on my own. Just like I cannot keep focused on one class course or a whole college career at one time! It needs broken down, little by little, with help of coaches and mentors. Life is the same. I am thankful that all of my coaches and mentors are good at that! šŸ™‚ Now, I need to continue improving MY communication and reaching out… and apparently, getting more photos with mentors as well.

Give your mentors and coaches a call. Thank them. Those two little words can make all the difference.

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