Thankful 30 – Day 29, learning

I love to learn. I have all of my life and plan to do so the rest of my life.
Life long learning
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What is one thing all successful people in this world have in common? They have never stopped learning. It could be focusing all their time on learning one specific trade or skill. It could also becoming more knowledgeable about the entire world around them! The best thing about it is, everyone can learn. This is why I dedicate today’s gratitude to learning.

We are all at different stages in life. Even though the level might be different, we can all keep on working at it. I strive to learn at minimum, one new piece of information per day.
It could come from listening to the morning news.
It could come from job shadowing a mentor.
It could come from having a conversation with a customer.
It could come from reading a book or blog.
It could come from a bible study session.
It could come from going to the gym or practice field.
It could come from watching a YouTube video or listening to a podcast.
It could come from a daily reflection.
Because of today’s first world advancements, there are so many ways to learn! It is fantastic! Only thing is, we need to dedicate time to learning. It can be as simple as creating a daily or weekly habit of reading the newspaper while eating breakfast, listening to the news or a podcast on your daily commute or reading a book before bed each evening. The best learners choose multiple options of the above list and integrate them in their routines.
I am looking to start a list of my current reads and podcasts. What do you think? 
In the meantime, here are a few podcasts I have been tuning in. If you were unaware, any iPhone user has access to free podcasts! Just open the app and search for the following titles and subscribe.
Pretty cool.
Ted Radio Hour
The Ziglar Show | Motivation & Inspiration to fuel your life and success
On The Media
The EntreLeadership Podcast
Glambition Radio (which I just discovered while driving this weekend!)

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