Thankful 30 – Day 30, agriculture

I save the best and most important for last. On the 30th day of November, I am thankful for agriculture.

Best thing about agriculture is that I know all of you are thankful for it too. It’s all of our livelihood. We all eat. We all wear clothing (or at least I hope so!). We all use paper, plastics, rubber, wood, and many other materials.

For a long time, I claimed agriculture was my industry. I know better than that. It is our industry. It is our world. I just work more closely with the raw materials (plant materials) that serve as the foundation for it. We are all in the business of agriculture. And in today’s world, it is even more prevalent that we [as consumers] are in the business of food and environment. Some people are more knowledge about the system than others. And that is OK. Same goes for any production system, like software, automobiles, etc. There is a lot to learn and understand. It takes time.

I am grateful all of you are taking more time to invest in understanding the foundation of your livelihood: agriculture and food. If you have more questions about food and agriculture, please ask me or another person working firsthand in the raw production of food and materials.

I am excited for this new perspective. Are you? Look for more detailed blogs on this topic soon. Until then, happy last day of November and on to the next and last month of 2015!

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