Eager Reader for 2016

I love reading. There is something about curling up on the sofa, opening published works and losing myself in a good book. I look at computer screens, phone screens and virtual text a majority of the day. You may have the same reality as me.┬áIn today's digital space, it is normal to look at screens … Continue reading Eager Reader for 2016

Thank you, Kale!

Mmmmm, kale. A healthy, fibrous green vegetable acclaimed by the health world as a "super food" and staple addition to a healthy diet. People in the health and food industry are always urging more people to eat veggies, "natural" products, that our bodies digest better and can be converted into healthy fuel for the body.I … Continue reading Thank you, Kale!

Holiday reminder, thank the Ziglar!

Today's fast-paced society makes it ever challenging to make time to read. I've mentioned briefly in a few blogs that I am now an avid fan of podcasts. Today, as I was doing the dishes, listening to a podcast on the "The Ziglar Show | Motivation and Inspiration to fuel your life and success", I … Continue reading Holiday reminder, thank the Ziglar!

Get Strong and Healthy with Simple Spinach Dip

I love cooking. Experimenting with healthier recipes has been my mission the past few months during my off season for my bodybuilding show. Today, I have a Christmas Party with my church young adults group. I know many will bring the sinful sweets... which I may or may not partake in. I want to stay … Continue reading Get Strong and Healthy with Simple Spinach Dip

Fear of No and Failure

Thing about when you see someone interesting or attractive. Do you approach him or her and introduce yourself? Say hello? Or are you like the majority of people who will talk yourself out of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a chance? Instead, you scour the Internet and social media to try finding … Continue reading Fear of No and Failure