Holiday reminder, thank the Ziglar!

Today’s fast-paced society makes it ever challenging to make time to read. I’ve mentioned briefly in a few blogs that I am now an avid fan of podcasts. Today, as I was doing the dishes, listening to a podcast on the “The Ziglar Show | Motivation and Inspiration to fuel your life and success”, I stopped for a moment. Here is the link for iTunes users. This podcast was released Dec. 9, 2015.

Show host Kevin Miller began a one-minute clip with a message from Zig Ziglar. If you do not know who he is, Google the man or follow the hyperlink. He may be one of the greatest sales people and inspirational speaker to have shared his experiences!

Anyhow, Kevin played a clip from Zig that I was able to find on YouTube. As we approach this holiday season, it is great to remember the “reason” for the season. If you are not spiritual, I empathize with you and hope you can still take away the key objective from the message.

This holiday season, take some time to sit back and think about your life, your commitments, your daily routines, your impact you would like to make and the impact you are having in your community, for your family and for the world.

Are the actions you take this holiday season going towards the betterment of others? How do you feel when they are? How can you do more of that?

I am going to spend more time making sure I am helping others in my daily life. It does not need to end at the holiday season. It is a great time to be refreshed, start from where we are and improve. We can do more. And it will lead us down a path of self improvement and bettering the world.

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