5 tips to avoid "get rich quick" pitfalls in "lose weight quick" programs

“Can I get that to go?” “I needed that done yesterday.” “But I want this done now?” “Sorry, I’m busy. I have other important things to do.”

Do any of these phrases sound familiar? I know they do for me. I’ll be the first one in a room to raise my hand if ever asked, “Who considers himself or herself extremely impatient?” It’s hard not to be. There are so many things to do, people to see, errands to run that we as a human culture in America especially want immediate results.

We want things to be simple, easy and fast. “Get rich quick” schemes are found on the Internet, through telemarketing phone calls and face to face meetings with sales people. However, if you are like me and my family, you know these are too good to be true.


I remember sitting at the kitchen table for supper when the land line telephone would ring. Dad would answer, look at me, mom and my sister excitedly saying, “We could win a free trip to Hawaii!” Mom and I would look at one another, shake our heads and tell dad to hang up the phone. Sometimes, he would listen to their chatter for a few minutes to complete their “survey.” However, he would then need to provide his credit card information, go on a website and provide bank information or make a purchase.

It was too good to be true.

Unfortunately, there are many people out there falling into traps of these “get rich quick” pitfalls. However, it isn’t for a trip or money. It’s for your health.


Social media is plastered with fitness, health and wellness tips, workouts, cleanses and “lose weight quick” programs. First, let me say I am glad people are becoming more interested in their health. I am even more pleased that people are starting to research more about food and agriculture! However, there is a fine line between facts and fiction.

What is good for one body may not be great for another.

One works well for one farmer might not work for another.

We are blessed with so many (sometimes, possibly too many) options! How do we avoid the “get rich quick” pitfalls that we might not know about? How do we make the most of our choices?

5 Tips to Avoid Get Rich Quick Pitfalls of Lose Weight Quick Programs | Caroline's Cues

5 Tips to Avoid “Get Rich Quick” Pitfalls in “Lose Weight Quick Programs

1. Set a goal.

It’s really not that difficult. I have had more people approach me about fitness and health and it’s exciting! The first thing I ask and what every coach, instructor, dietitian, etc., should ask you is,
“What is your goal?” 
If you don’t know, how can someone help you? It’s like driving a vehicle with no destination in mind. You end up driving in circles to no where. If you need help on goal setting, send me an email (carolineaweihl@gmail.com) and refer to my previous blog post on goals and new year resolutions

2. Contact potential coaches, instructors, advisors.

Now that you have a goal, written down and ready to go, reach out to some prospective coaches, instructors or advisors. If you want to look into a 21-day fix program, find a local contact and call. If you want to start a new nutrition program, research people online or in your area you think would be fun and educational to work with. There are lots of resources just a call away!

3. Ask questions.

Sometimes, we feel shy or ignorant asking questions. Guess what? IT IS OK TO ASK QUESTIONS! It proves you have genuine interest in learning. Eventually, if you learn enough, you might not have to rely on someone else to reach your goals. It is better to ask the question than to never know what the answer could have been.

4. Watch out for fads.

I feel like beating my head against the wall with some health “fads” I’ve seen in restaurants, grocery stores and online. I am planning some upcoming blog posts about food fads and my prediction on their longevity. Nonetheless, know that anything done in a short term does not necessarily correlate to long term results. 
For example, juice cleanse. Marketing says, “it’s healthy for you, as you are getting all these vitamins and nutrients from fruits that will help clean your body of toxins.” I say, “read the label or recipe, think about all the sugars, carbohydrates and calories in fruits, and see what other ingredients are in it. If there are added products or missing products (like veggies), I’d put up the red flag as a lose weight quick pitfall.

5. Each goal is not the finish line, but a mile marker in life’s journey!

Hooray! You finished your Whole 30 diet! Now what? 
Do you revert back to your old ways and kill all the progress you made from setting goal one? Or do you stay persistent, look at the long term potential and create a new goal? 
Giving up is easy. ANYONE CAN DO THAT. Avoiding those “easy fixes” and “get rich quick” schemes can be challenging. You might stubble a time or two trying to stay focused on your goal and what you desire. Don’t let those small moments cover your greater potential ahead!

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