Worth a shot at Heartland Shooting Park

Rural Ohio and rural Nebraska are different but also share some similarities. In the fall, you will often see many bright, neon orange hats, sweatshirts and other outerwear across the country side. Why, you might ask?Hunting season. Whether it was for deer, rabbits, water fowl (duck, geese, other), pheasants or Elmer Fudd, gun enthusiasts and … Continue reading Worth a shot at Heartland Shooting Park

3 nuances in change and consistency

This past week was #FFAWeek. The National FFA Organization serves as the largest youth organization in the country focused on agricultural education and leadership development. I can attribute much of my skills and development to the FFA.As I reflected through some photographs found (in the dusty cobwebs of my hard drive), it brought back some … Continue reading 3 nuances in change and consistency

The seasons of awkward

"Hurry up and graduate", they say. It's time for you to get on your way! What do you do when you finally "make it" after years of studying up, preparing for the "real world" and attain your first "big girl job"? You dive in head first. That's what I did, anyhow. But, after analyzing my … Continue reading The seasons of awkward

When in doubt, Try Wine!

How often do you get the opportunity to taste high class, top quality wines from around the globe, with the push of a button and swipe of a card? Not many for me. Last week, I was blessed to do so.I love wine. I have always been intrigued by viticulture and the science behind it. … Continue reading When in doubt, Try Wine!

Caroline vs. Winter Storm Kayla

I hate winter. I hate snow. I hate being secluded and stuck in one place.¬†Unfortunately, Winter Storm Kayla made sure I experienced all three. Within the past two days, Grand Island, Nebraska, has accumulated 18.3 inches of snow, average temperature of 28 degrees, with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour.¬†With those conditions, I … Continue reading Caroline vs. Winter Storm Kayla