When in doubt, Try Wine!

How often do you get the opportunity to taste high class, top quality wines from around the globe, with the push of a button and swipe of a card? Not many for me. Last week, I was blessed to do so.

Caroline's Cues | When in doubt, Try Wine

I love wine. I have always been intrigued by viticulture and the science behind it. Whenever I get the chance to travel, especially internationally, I try to experience wineries or vineyards. Last week, I went to St. Petersburg, Florida with some customers on a trip. Even though the weather was less than desirable in the mid-50s, we did not let that get us down. We Try Wine.

Caroline's Cues | When in doubt, Try Wine

The Try Wine Bar and Retail Tasting Lab in St. Pete was the first of it’s kind I had ever seen or experienced. The store was off the main shopping area of downtown St. Pete with a lot to offer. If you wanted to buy bottles of tasty wine or sample some of the finest wines from across the United States and other countries around the world, you could!

When I walked in with my customer, we were greeted by a host and asked if we’d like to sample. We all said “yes” and were handed a credit card. This card was preloaded with $50. We could then place this card in slots around the room, where wine bottles filled the shelves with taps below. You placed your glass under a tap, inserted your card, and pressed the button for the amount of wine from that brand you’d like. You could taste a sample, half glass or full glass. Each were different prices, based on the popularity, rarity and quality of that wine. The price was then deducted from your card. When you wanted to be finished with your experience, all you needed to do was take your card to the front desk and cash out (with your payment). Cool, right?!?

I began talking with the CEO, Oliver. He was very insightful and has experienced much wine in his day. He wanted to share his passion and love for wines with others, so he began this enterprise. Did he originally have a background in viticulture or agriculture? No. But, that did not stop him. He decided to Try Wine anyway!


Because he saw a chance to learn, teach and share in experiences and passions he enjoyed, while growing a brand and business.

What is something you have the opportunity to pursue that you are passionate about or simply want to share with the world? What action steps can you take today to make it happen? Success is a matter of trying new things. Just like Try Wine, you need to take a chance to see what potential awaits you.

Next time you are in Florida, try to fit in a visit to St. Petersburg to see Oliver and staff and try some wines. If you like reds, I highly recommend the Stephanie, Stormy Weather, and Skywalker!

Skywalker Wine

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