Worth a shot at Heartland Shooting Park

Rural Ohio and rural Nebraska are different but also share some similarities. In the fall, you will often see many bright, neon orange hats, sweatshirts and other outerwear across the country side. Why, you might ask?

Hunting season.

Whether it was for deer, rabbits, water fowl (duck, geese, other), pheasants or Elmer Fudd, gun enthusiasts and hunters alike can be found across the midwest. My dad, uncles, cousins and many friends participate. For some reason, I did not. Now, I’m attempting to join. My dad taught me basic fundamentals of gun safety and I have used shotguns and pistols in the past. 4-H shooting sports are offered to youth across the country, but I never got involved. I also never made target practice or going with my family members to hunt a frequent thing. I want to.
To start, I bought a hand gun.

Caroline's Cues | Worth a shot at Heartland Shooting Park - Sig Sauer P238

Ain’t she pretty? My new Sig Sauer P238 is the first gun I own. Sure, I lift, am strong, and know self defense. However, this is another step towards confidence in another form of self protection and an attempt to step outside my comfort zone. I need a new hobby. For any of my female friends looking for an easy to use, lightweight hand gun, give this one a try. You won’t be disappointed!

On Saturday, I took advantage of the beautiful 72 degree weather and hit the range. Heartland Public Shooting Park is 10 minutes outside of Grand Island and a perfect little get away from reality. I have never been to a range on my own… I figured it was worth a short (or more). It was gratifying.

Caroline's Cues | Worth a shot at Heartland Shooting Park
Caroline's Cues | Worth a shot at Heartland Shooting Park

Sometimes, you have to take a chance on yourself. What do you like? What could you like? How will you ever know if you do not make the effort to try? Ask any successful person. The experiences and pleasures they learned the most from were the ones they took a shot on and did not second guess.

What is worth a shot to you? Aim and fire!

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