Meat-filled Monday with beef

It was never difficult to find beef for meal options growing up. Not only did my family raise our own beef cattle [and still do], but we would often use our own cuts of meat to create home-cooked recipes for my mom, dad, sister and me. Beef was a staple item in my diet growing up. I was a cute little 9 year old with my first beef feeder calf named “Buddy”. Raising my own calf with the intent of harvesting him for my nourishment taught me a lot growing up. It gave me a strong appreciation for food and lifestyle.

Caroline's Cues | Meat-filled Monday with beef

Like many, changes in finances, location and life situations can alter our diets. In college, I suffered beef deprivation. I was not consuming as much beef while studying at the university. Part of that was finances and other part proximity and meal frequency. I also had no clue how to cook steaks.

I’m still working on that. Dad always grilled them for the family growing up. It kept things simple. Mom and I would prepare the side dishes inside while he got the steaks ready. Now that I am a college graduate, you would think I knew a bit more about beef preparations.

It’s a work in progress. Lucky for me, I am enjoying steak on a daily basis during this prep for my next bodybuilding show. I do not own a grill [yet]. Therefore, I have been experimenting different recipes, temperatures and timing combinations to cook a great steak to eat with my vegetables. Sunday is my meal preparation day and I had to go to the grocery to get my steaks.

Not so long ago, I could not have imagined buying beef from a store. Why did I need to? We usually had freezers filled to the brim with beef! It was easy to select the cuts for different recipes and prepare it. Because of that luxury I had growing up, I am more particular when shopping for my meat. No, not necessarily regarding the current lingo like “grass fed” or “antibiotic free”. Instead, it’s about the marbling, nutrient-dense protein that I need to fuel my body. I cannot necessarily track the individual steer or heifer the steak I buy in the meats section came from. But I can trust the food system we have in place that the store, the manufacterer, the processer and the farmer or rancher have provided me [the consumer] a healthy, nutritious steak.

That’s what eat is about, right? Providing necessary nutrients to sustain our body. Beef is full of vitamins! Check out this great infographic from the Beef Checkoff.

Caroline's Cues | Vitamins from beef via Beef Checkoff

It’s nice to know the steak I eat is enriching my body. How are you fulfilling your meat-filled Monday? Any special steak recipes you know? Mine was pretty simple this time with Weber seasoning, 400 degree Fahrenheit oven for 30 minutes.

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