Fun back and chest workout

Last week, I created my own workouts to add some "fun" into my prep. I am a little over one month away from the NPC Jr. USA show in Charleston, South Carolina. Guess who is excited?!?! My favorite body area to train has been back. I think it is one of the most difficult body … Continue reading Fun back and chest workout

Cream of Rice Protein "Sugar" Cookie Recipe

I've always been a cookie fiend. Growing up, mom would always have homemade cookies on the cupboard and even in the freezer for the next time we needed a sugary snack. When meals get monotonous, as they are often are on prep for a competition, I try to change things up.Today, I did just that.Cream … Continue reading Cream of Rice Protein "Sugar" Cookie Recipe

Rising up with Ryan’s Root to Rise Yoga

Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth.Inhale... exhale...The loft in Kindred was warmed to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Stationery candles surrounded the small area for yoga mats, blankets and blocks. Nine yogi's joined Friday morning for a session designed to help athletes and their sore or tight muscles.Laura Ryan, owner and instructor of Ryan's … Continue reading Rising up with Ryan’s Root to Rise Yoga

No matter the placing, I finished first at my second show.

The jitters and nerves did not ramp up until 10 minutes before show time.I competed in my first bodybuilding competition in August 2015 (blog here). Experience increases comfort and confidence. I definitely carried more of both for this second show. The 2016 NPC Central USA Natural Championships was held at the Century Link Center in … Continue reading No matter the placing, I finished first at my second show.

5 steps to meal prepping for beginners

Meal prep and GO! That's all it takes.OK, in reality, it takes a bit more than that. I know from experience. However, like anything, you have to reach a point where you are willing to dive in, head first, and start. If you don't, you will keep telling yourself you either might not have time, … Continue reading 5 steps to meal prepping for beginners

Trust and a coach

Have you ever had a coach where you doubt them? I know I have.I think back to my high school track days. Freshman girls track, Mr. Hemsoth was a tough coach. Often times, the girls would do their best to avoid running extra drills or find a way to make whatever instructions he asked us … Continue reading Trust and a coach