Fun back and chest workout

Last week, I created my own workouts to add some “fun” into my prep. I am a little over one month away from the NPC Jr. USA show in Charleston, South Carolina. Guess who is excited?!?!

My favorite body area to train has been back. I think it is one of the most difficult body areas to train. You definitely need to have a focus with your mind and practice the movements so they target your back. Sometimes, our arms get too involved in back exercises.

Continue learning how your body works and what you can do each day and workout to become stronger!

Caroline's Cues | Back and Chest Workout - Progress

Check out that forearm vein!

I am at a lower body fat percentage right now as I lean down for my show. One thing is for certain: there is a direct correlation with increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat. Exercise alone will not make you reach your aesthetic or health goals. However, I hope workouts like the one below can help.

I mixed it up by combining back and chest for the following workout. In bold was the movement performed. Any “arrows” show supersets, where there is no rest in between the round. For example, you would complete 10 reps of machine chest press and immediately follow it with 10 pull ups.

This would complete 1 round and you could take a short break before starting the next round.

What do you think? It is challenging, but definitely fun. 🙂

Caroline's Cues | Fun Back and Chest Workout


For questions on specific movements referenced, a good resource is You can see short videos of the movements in their database. Google and YouTube can help too.

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