The monotony of monotony

Dang, I'm boring.Alright, maybe I'm not that boring.Humans are boring.Humans are creatures of habit.And this habit creates monotony.It has been interesting to relate habits and personal development to eating and bodybuilding. I have had many friends not as knowledgeable about the fitness/health industry ask for dieting advice. I have read nine books to date out … Continue reading The monotony of monotony

3 steps to building credibility

Do you have street cred?Nah, me neither. At least, not yet.For 18 years, I played an integral role on my family farm. I knew the ins and outs of our feed ration for the beef cattle. I knew the fields dad planted to corn, soybeans, wheat, oats and hay. I had a decent knowledge of … Continue reading 3 steps to building credibility

What’s my age, again?

Have you ever heard the song by blink-182 called, "What's my age again?" If not, give it a listen. Nonetheless, there is one specific line mentioned in every stanza that describes my life right now.Nobody likes you when you are 23.This is the time of year for proms, FFA banquets/conventions and graduations. Reflecting on all … Continue reading What’s my age, again?