What’s my age, again?

Have you ever heard the song by blink-182 called, “What’s my age again?” If not, give it a listen. Nonetheless, there is one specific line mentioned in every stanza that describes my life right now.

Nobody likes you when you are 23.

This is the time of year for proms, FFA banquets/conventions and graduations. Reflecting on all of those past experiences, I’m beginning to feel old. Perhaps I am using the wrong noun. I don’t feel old; I feel out of touch. I feel lost from it all.

First state convention (I think?) and I look so young!

Has it really been two years since I graduated from college, six years since high school senior prom, and eight years since I attended my first State FFA Convention? Where has the time gone?

I had a skinny arm before that was a thing… thank goodness that has changed!

Sometimes, I question my age. In my role, I have a lot of responsibilities. My life is evolving from different things I thought I knew in high school and college to what I know now as an adult in the working world. Nonetheless, I ask myself often, “what’s my age, again?”

My cousin Sara and I at prom.

Do we ever really know the meaning behind an age? What is the real measure of time? I don’t know but if I ever figure it out, I’ll be sure to share. How do you make the most of your age, measure time and see the future?

It certainly isn’t easy. However, if life was easy, would it truly be worth living? Today is Mother’s Day and although I have already wished my mom a good day, here’s to the other phenomenal women out there who no matter their ages, are making a difference in the lives of others!

Graduation Day from Ohio State with the family.

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