3 tips to a memorable weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend, I traveled home to northwest Ohio. I had not been home since Christmas and was longing to see family, my dog and the cattle in the barn. Each time I go home, I do my best to cherish those moments. However, it is not always easy.

Growing up, I was never super close with my family. We like to bicker… a lot. Often, it is about little things that in reality, are insignificant. In today’s technology age, it is also very easy to “escape” the things happening right in front. Social media is our scapegoat. If we get bored with a conversation, we check our Instagram or Facebook feeds. We even do it right in the middle of a group conversation. I am working to change my habits, especially when with family, to not be so distracted by social media that I miss the moments right in front of me. Reflecting on this, here are three tips to making a memorable weekend, especially on holidays or special events.

3 tips to amemorable weekend

1.     Set a flexible plan.
I like to plan. I know time is my most valuable asset in life. Therefore, I don’t want to waste it! On Memorial Day weekend, I knew I wanted to see my grandma Nachtman, grandma and grandpa Weihl, mom, dad and sister. I also desired to visit my grandpa Nachtman’s grave at the cemetery, as he was a military veteran. These were my “objectives” if you will. And I accomplished all of them! How? I maintained flexibility to do fun things and see family in the same time. My mom, sister and I went to the cemetery and visited grandparents. I helped dad with field work. Mom and I got ice cream at my favorite soft serve restaurant. And I played with my dog and baby calves.
My sister and I with grandma Weihl.
2.     Set intentions.
Once I had the plan, I set intentions to follow it. How would I do everything? Make sure my customers knew I was going home and let my family know of some things I wanted to accomplish. Clear communication makes it easier for people to understand your goals and intentions for anything.
Mom and I at Mr. Freeze because soft serve is the best.


3.     Put the phone away and be present.
Yes, it is hard. And yes, I did SnapChat a few instances while home. However, I was much more present, not texting or calling others if it was not absolutely urgent or necessary. The Internet and my “followers” don’t need to know what I’m doing every second of every day. Sometimes, the “Big Brother” watching gets tiresome and it’s nice to disconnect. Plus, your loved ones often appreciate having full attention.
Don’t you do farming selfies too?

My Memorial Day was memorable. I strive to embrace times with friends and family more than ever. We still bicker, but I cherish it nonetheless. Are you ready to take on these three tips and make memorable weekends? Use my tips, as well as the 13 Things Successful Women Do Each Weekend to make the most of your time!

My dog Sawyer gives the best farewell kisses.

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