My 23-year-old smoothie

I am an introvert.

Sure, I’m in sales. I enjoy talking to people, mingling at events and learning from others. However, what I like even more is coming back to my apartment at the end of an eventful week and not talking to anyone, turning my phone on “Do Not Disturb” and relaxing.

This is how I’ve felt the past few weeks. It has been very warm and humid outside. There have been many things going on from sales kick off meetings, to my best friend’s bachelorette party and planning sessions for the start of fall seed selling.

Me (left) and best friend Libby at Ohio Stadium during her bachelorette party weekend in Columbus.

If you follow me on my SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you might have noticed my absence… you might not have as well because you have your own life happening. That’s cool. Sometimes, it’s good to just detach from the technology, the frequent buzz of phone alerts and chatter.

Find a park, go walk or run and clear your mind.

On Sunday’s, I enjoy self reflection. I went for a run to clear my head. Do you ever just go for a walk or run to think? It can be very refreshing.

While listening to my Ted Radio Hour podcast, I thought about my age.

I’m only 23 for a few more days. What does 24 have in store? More moxie? Increased quality family and friend time? Burning desire to expand my business acumen and leadership skills? More fun?

The above remains to be determined. What I do know, is I am going to continue to be true to myself, who I am becoming and how I can change the world. Perhaps I can start one smoothie at a time.

After my run, I made a healthy smoothie. Many of you people “on the go” are looking for meal options. Here’s one to start.


Caroline Cues Simple Smoothie


  • 1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup fruit of choice (I had 1/3 cup mango chunks, 2/3 cup cherries)
  • 1 Tbsp almond butter
  • 1/2 cup ice
  • Water to blend


  • Add all ingredients to blender
  • Blend for about 30 seconds or until smooth consistency
  • Enjoy!


  • Calories: 298
  • Protein: 26g
  • Carbs: 31.5g
  • Fats: 8g
Eating healthy does not have to be boring. Neither does life!

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