What can you offer the world?

We are surrounded by crime, hate, despair and sadness. This world may seem filled with negativity. However, the world is what we see in it. This weekend, I saw love. I saw people filled with passion for family, agriculture, joy and happiness. The beauty of marriage was in front of me as the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding.


After reflecting from the weekend, I know their is a plan bigger than myself. I need to determine what I can offer the world before it will be shown.

What can you offer the world to make it better?

I recently read an article on Medium from Brittany Wiest. We know life is filled with love for people, passions and ideas. But are those things we are pursuing what we are really good at and can offer the most of our gifts to others?

This is why I’m taking the next step forward.

I have moved back to Ohio to focus on this quest so I can offer talents and skills that will better the world around me. I hope to make progress. I want to continue learning about myself, my talents and what I can do now to make this world a better place. Will you take a leap of faith to do the same?

Pursue love, joy and happiness. You only have one life. How will you do more for others in it?

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