Adapt and reach your goal at the top of the mountain

Imagine you are climbing a mountain. This mountain not only changes elevations, but has several valleys and rough terrain, unknown animals roaming about and could push you past your limit. However, there is a remarkable reward awaiting you at the peak. Whether you're aiming for a physical goal, there were a few takeaways from attending the Elite FTS UGSS event featuring John Meadows.

Balance your food and apple pie

We constantly see information about balancing life with health and happiness. It's true. In this apple pie recipe, you'll learn a bit more about my balance and also how to still enjoy some tasty fall flavors.

The adult capstone: harvest 2016

You have probably seen a lot of dust and smoke billowing into the air as you travel along rural roads. You might have also seen blinking lights on large, slow equipment heading down the road that is not quite wide enough for everyone. I know, you've got a full schedule and many things to worry … Continue reading The adult capstone: harvest 2016

Fall into nature

Since returning to Ohio, I have done a poor job of balancing my time. I love getting outside, exploring nature and capturing my experiences through photography. I wasn't making time to do that. Today, I did! Want to learn about my adventure? Read on.