Fall into nature

I drive too much. I look at a computer screen too often. I sit too long. Today, I chose to change that. I have created a habit on Sunday’s to dedicate at least 30 minutes for self reflection. I review what actions I took, who I interacted with and how I interacted with them, and what things I want to improve for the next week.


Since returning to Ohio, I have done a poor job of balancing my time. I love getting outside, exploring nature and capturing my experiences through photography. I wasn’t making time to do that.

Today, I did!

I am not typically as excited about fall because I do not enjoy the cold. However, I have a greater appreciation for the colors, smells and many activities in the fall. Some of these include changing leaves and harvest. While both are upon us, I wanted to get out and enjoy it. I visited the Delaware State Park and just for a half hour, walked the Mink Run Trail. Sometimes, I listen to podcasts or music while I walk or hike. Today, I did not. I wanted to be more in tune to the nature around me.

I heard the rustling leaves as a chipmunk skirted past. The crickets chirped loudly the further I traveled into the brush. I paused here and there to take some photographs.

Then, I heard a large thump and heavy puff of air.

I look up from my camera lens to see a female deer about 40 yards in front of me and a crick.

Can you spot her?

We stared a one another for a little while. It was nice just appreciating the doe’s beauty. I took a daring step forward. She raised her tail, blew air at me and jolted off into the thicket. I listened to her depart until I could not hear her anymore. If only I had my other lens on hand to capture a better photograph… next time, I should be more prepared!

I continued on for 3/4 of a mile and then turned back. I had seen eight different animals along my walk and took a few landscape photographs. As I wandered back to my truck, I could not help but smile. Sometimes, it takes putting yourself alone in the woods to remember what moments can matter most. The little, unexpected ones do.

How can you take more time to reflect and find little, unexpected moments? This October, I hope you can take some time to fall into nature like I did today.

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