It’s all mental

It’s all in your head… I have been told that phrase time and time again growing up. Why? Because I was nervous, apprehensive, self-conscious and always on the go. Today’s youth face nothing different. In fact, I think it is worse.

I played softball in fourth grade. I did not carry through after that but got involved with band in 5th grade through high school graduation. I was also involved with student council, National Honors Society, FFA, and a handful of other local community activities. Students today are more involved than I was as a student! I did not believe that was possible, but it seems to be the case.

With all these activities, students are tired, frustrated and emotional, even if they don’t show it. I can be too, even as an adult. What is something to overcome this? Meditation.

No, I’m not a monk. No, I’m not saying I struggle with today’s face-paced society. But, I am saying there is a problem none of us address that can be helped with taking time out of our busy lives to pause, refocus, relax and rebalance.

A friend of mine shared this powerful story about a school replacing detention with meditation. This article shares how shifting our mental attitudes and mindset can impact our overall health and nature. I have began taking about 10 minutes each day to just focus on relaxing, reflecting and refocusing my mind. I find when I actually make time to step away from the daily grind for just a bit, my creativity, positivity and happiness increase.

Seeing that it is Monday, there seems to always be that negative spin on this day of the week. Why are Monday’s so bad? Why do many people seem to live for the weekend and when Monday comes back around, it restarts this vicious cycle of unproductively and mental road blocks.



One thing is certain, never undervalue your cognitive abilities. For the handful of people who know, one of my grandma’s was in an accident last summer. We (family and medical professionals) believe she experienced a stroke and she has not been the same since that time.

October 2015, after grandma’s accident.

It is extremely difficult to watch the once strong matriarch of the family become one who cannot always remember your name or that you are no longer in school. She is still stubborn as ever, but that has not helped her improve after surgery from her accident. The past few weeks have been trying for me, but I know I can only do so much to help her. Praying and spending time with her and my grandpa have helped. The rest of my strength is all mental.

This past weekend was also filled with much joy as my family celebrated my cousin’s wedding! There were only a handful of single attendees but I relished the moment to spectate all the couples in the room who have different stories of their love and relationships.

With all of the different emotions in life, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. But, once again, it is all mental.

We only control so much. A major part of our health is our minds. Stress, diet, environment, people and activities can all impact brain health. I know life is not always peaches and cream. But, that should not stop anyone from focusing on the good, positive opportunities ahead. What actions can you take to enhance your brain’s health and ultimately, your holistic health?

I wish you a well focused, thought-filled Monday. Although it is all mental, we can shift our focus to make it a positive one!

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