An aged soul

This Thanksgiving, I have been blessed by age. What does that mean exactly? Age is a funny topic. Many people determine their “life circumstance” based on age. We might select certain ages for milestones, levels of experience, maturity, wealth and happiness. Is that really what the number of years on Earth signify? I’m not so … Continue reading An aged soul

Apple Pie Cookies and Thanksgiving preparations

This time of year, we often spend more time being stressed over the holidays and need to take more time to be grateful. Read more on my steps to being grateful and see a yummy apple pie oatmeal cookie recipe!

Insecure from insecurities

About six months ago, God's plan took a sharp right turn in the road. I was insecure on what it meant, how I could fit into his plan and do the right things. It is now that I realize I was doing it all wrong. Current thoughts put into text; see if you relate.