Set your theme in 2017

2016 was a year of much change, opportunity, tough choices, sadness, happiness and transitions. After reflecting over 2016, one thing is certain, I have learned much and have much more I desire to learn!

Do you ever think back to yourself, have a long sigh, and ask, “is this really my life?” I have. But I have realized it is not the most effective approach to take. Rather than turning my thoughts to a┬ádepressed, negative spin, I am reversing the typical mentality.

Is this really my life??? AWESOME, go get it, girl!

I accomplished a large amount of my goals in 2016. Some highlights include:

  • Competed in one local and one national bodybuilding competition (see results here)
  • Read 19 new books, from a mighty goal of 30
  • Optimized this blog, with new developments to come this year
  • Visited 4 new states (Colorado, South Carolina, Nevada and New Jersey)
  • Purchased my first hand gun and had a membership at a shooting range
  • Joined a new bible study (BSF)
  • Started minimizing my possessions for a more minimalist lifestyle (just got rid of my tv!)
  • Have dedicated more time to family and friends
  • Accomplished individual goals in sales territory

Before the end of 2016, my sister and I took a road trip to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We did some sight seeing, exploring and refreshing before the new year ahead. I’ve heard that whatever you spend your time doing on New Years’ Eve sets the tone for your next year. We joined other fitness enthusiasts at The Warhouse Gym in Reading, Pa. for Push, Pull & Pizza. If this is not an indicator of the exciting, spontaneous, hard working year in store, I’m not sure what is!

In 2017, I have even bigger goals ahead. Some are as generic as increasing pray repetition to three times per day. Others are very specific like attending Nicole Wilkin’s Phat Camp in March with at least 10 specific questions on nutrition, posing and training. I am sharing my goals with my closest friends and mentors. But, there is a new element I am implementing this year along with goals.

I have set a theme for the year.



I chose a word that will remind me of how I want to change, act and become in 2017. Just like changing the spin of reviewing my life in a more positive way, having a word to focus on and visually see or be reminded of can be extremely beneficial.

My word is “moxie”, meaning to act with vigor, courage and determination.

I hope you will join me, hold me accountable and see the benefits of having a word to anchor you to your goals and future successes.

What is going to be your theme for 2017? Please share in the comments and I hope to see how it helps you progress in the new year.


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