Caroline’s Texas Adventure – Watch the video now

Have you ever had serendipity to just live and do something outside the norm? That was me last week.

Watch now here:

In October 2016, I booked a trip to Dallas, Texas. Primary reason was for a fitness camp hosted by Nicole Wilkins. If you don’t know who she is, check her out. She is one of my role models in fitness. She hosts fitness camps called Phat Camp around the United States (and a few internationally) to bring together women wanting to learn more about training, nutrition and fitness competitions. I could have signed up for the camp in Michigan because it was the closest. But what fun would that be?


Instead, I chose a place I wanted to explore: Texas. The camp was going to be just 30 minutes outside of Dallas. Sounded like a perfect vacation option to me. So, I booked the flight for a few days before the camp to explore.


March finally came around and I had not determine my sleeping situation. I knew during the camp, I would stay at a close hotel for two nights. Before then, I left it up in the air. Thankfully, having a close network helps! My boyfriend has a close friend living in Dallas and they were gracious enough to let me stay a couple days.

I didn’t have too many places in mind I “had” to visit. The historic site of President Kennedy’s shooting, the Fort Worth Stockyards and just twirling around would do. I knew Dallas was a foodie hot spot so I found some good options.

Get the full tour of some of these restaurants and foods by watching my video:


Steak fajitas: Joe T. Garcias

Curry with lamb meatballs: HG Sply Co

Pulled pork sandwich: Pecan Lodge

Lavender Bean with glazed donut and fruit loops (aka My Lavender Loop): Milk+Cream

Most importantly, I went outside my comfort zone to meet new people. I walked over a mile to visit a small coffee shop in the Bishop District of Dallas. Little did I know that choice would lead me to meet to unique photographers and set up a photoshoot and business relationship that next day.


Best thing about the trip? I pushed myself outside my comfort zone, met new people and had a blast. This is one reason I believe traveling is so rewarding. Even if you do not go outside of the U.S., just being in a new state, without a set itinerary can offer some many remarkable experiences.

Think you are up for an adventure? Where do you want to go? What can you learn from it? Let me know, watch the video for my biggest takeaway from this solo trip, and let me know how I can help you.


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