So easy, everyone can do it! Protein Oats

If it was easy, everyone would do it. I’m here to tell you, making protein oats is easy and everyone can do it! This meal gives you a serving of whole grains, protein and can be easily modified to fit your tastebuds or diet needs!

When I think about protein oats, it reminds me how no matter my emotional feelings, the meal itself is satisfying. I can warm it like in the recipe shown, I can put it in the refrigerator for “overnight” protein oats, I could bake it in the oven, I could cook and then freeze and so many more options. Those different textures and tastes can fit my different needs.

The needs in this recipe: peanut butter. I fulfilled the need.

Crazy Richard’s┬ápeanut butter is my absolute favorite. First, it’s an Ohio-based company. Second, the only ingredient: peanuts! Both the smooth and chunky textures taste great and it’s simple. Do you see a theme here?

True Nutrition has become my standard source for whey protein. I’ve been loving their New Zealand Grass Fed Whey and this time, used the chocolate peanut butter flavor. Delicious.

And oats. All oats are grown gluten free. The only concern some might have is if they are processed in a facility where gluten-containing grains (barley, wheat or rye) were processed. Since I’m not concerned about mine, I just use the quick-oats.

Watch below for this easy video and trick I used for a cake-like consistency of my protein oats. Enjoy and share how you flavor or modify your recipe!

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