Leadership, Contribution and the 8-Week Challenge

Spring is a lot of doing. First quarter sales targets, holidays, weddings, sporting events, farming, graduations, seminars and a whole lot more. Most of these things are obligations or requirements. We are expected to be the leaders. We often expect a return on those investments, anticipate a “thank you” or “pat on the back” for our efforts. What about the things you do from the goodness of your heart, because you care? Are there additional things you do because it also makes you happy?
What if we approached our “to-do list” differently? Could we have more of a giver and contributor mindset? That’s servant leadership. Servant leadership removes the need for power, recognition or reward and is action based on care, commitment and love. This week, I was reminded the importance of servant leadership.

Recently, I’ve felt I am just fulfilling the requirements and not giving back enough. I’m trying to change that through different methods, some planned, others unplanned. One planned action is to donate old prom dresses to a local organization who gives them to young women who can’t afford one on their own. This helps the greater community too! There have been recent unexpected opportunities also. My boyfriend has been searching for a new job the past few months. He’s experienced many applications, full rounds of interviews and continues to hit dead ends. Today, he hit another dead end and extinguished his last option. I currently have a never-ending to-do list for my job because my busy time, planting season, has arrived. I also have the continuous personal to-do list. I had just shared with him my remaining tasks for the day when his bad news hit. I realized my “needs” were not as urgent as I make them seem. Therefore, I stopped worrying about me and focused on helping him. The next hour was spent revising his LinkedIn profile, editing his resume and researching recruiters and job openings. None of these things I “needed” to do. I chose to help. This same day, while at the gym, a young lady approached me to ask about a specific exercise I was performing. I can be kind of to myself during workouts because I like to get in, work hard, and leave it all at the gym. I could have ignored her or given her a short answer and walked away. I chose to talk with her for a few minutes and help her understand more than be directed. It also gave me more confidence that in contributing on the go, I provide value.
These instances of going that extra step, putting in the work, adding finishing touches, are all examples of servant leadership. They are giving more than just material items. It is time, energy and love. They also warm the soul. Contribution is what we were made to do, after all. Can you recall the last time you did something little that was significant to another person? With this revived attitude, I want to help serve more people with my knowledge. I want to better the lives of other. I hope to bring motivation and inspiration to them through my example.
The information on post on social media isn’t necessarily to drive revenue or get that “mass following”. I want to bring my leadership and contribute value. If you like that, I have something else for you.
8-week challenge.png
I have created an 8-Week Challenge for weight loss. This introductory program will offer workouts, basic nutrition advice and help business professionals with tight schedules and budgets regain focus as we approach summer. This will feature a special value and also offer opportunity to continue working with me at the conclusion of the challenge. Please send an email to strongsweetcaroline@gmail.com for interest to participate. Space is limited, and I hope you will join May 1 to be Strong with Caroline.

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