Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships #2: Care to share? Yes for your relationships and my favorite seasoning combinations

This is the second article of the series, Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships. See the first article now.

No matter what, you can bet that timing is impeccable for you, your goals and someone to want to learn or engage in your life because of it. As you read in the first article, creating transparency and a “safe” conversation can strengthen current relationships. I reflected back to June 2015 during my first prep and major work trip.

I had a week-long meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. What do you do when you know you have a work trip and are prepping for a competition or better yet, want to ensure you have healthy food options? Plan ahead!

What I did:

  • Reached out the the administrative coordinator for the meeting to explain I had dietary restrictions and ask what would be on the menu for group meals
  • If they took requests, tell exactly what types of food and how to prepare it (ie: tilapia, spinach, broccoli without added oils/butter)
  • Call the hotel in advanced and get a room with a refrigerator
  • Prep your foods and take as much with you as you can in your carry on bag (YouTube video on items I take on planes)

Once at the meeting, I had some colleagues ask questions. They were more curious and inquisitive than anything! This openness came from sharing my goal with the upcoming competition and how the process worked. One of my coworkers ended up asking more questions after the meeting and I offered some guidance for him and his family’s own health goals. It gave him more confidence to work with his wife in developing new recipes and balancing food options for their children.

When someone asks if you “care to share?”, how do you respond? Does it depend on the topic or your comfort level in discussions?

I’ve become much more confident in sharing and offering advice. Mine has evolved from more experience. I also have more resources and a group of people I can consult if a question comes to me and I don’t feel fully equipped to answer. In relationships, sharing is caring.

sharing is caring

When you share with someone your goals, it is important to consider the following.

Don’t make them feel like you are trying to change them.

Most people do not want to feel like they are being pressured to change. Even if you want someone to adopt your similar goals or lifestyle, you cannot force it. As discussed in the first article, discuss why it’s important to you and provide detail that you not only care for yourself but also for them.

Do talk about your experiences, positive and challenging.

Empathy can only come from understanding another person’s circumstances. Therefore, it is imperative you talk to your loved ones about what you are experiencing. If it becomes difficult to discuss with them, you might have another challenge on your hands. Nonetheless, the core people in your life will want to know what is going on so they can support you.

Find balance to keep the peace.

As your goals unfold, find balance in your new adaptation and what your loved ones know and experience. You will not be an expert meal-prepper overnight. Your significant other will not get you eating five or more meals per day at first either. Therefore, make adjustments for you and your family when you need, as long as it does not sacrifice happiness for them and you.


Just this week, my sister called me about meal prepping for her new job. She was curious what some of my favorite flavor combinations, seasonings and sauces were. I was stumped for a moment, as I don’t really think about it. But now, I have compiled my current favorites! This list includes herbs, sauces, and a few oils and sweeteners. Depending on your taste buds, you could switch up many of these too. I will say Trader Joe’s has some affordable and tasty seasoning blends. My favorite is the “Everything but the Bagel Sesame” seasoning blend. It is phenomenal on eggs.

Strong Sweet CarolineFavorite Spice &Flavor Combinations

What would you add to my list? Care to share for me and your loved ones?

Thanks for reading this second article of the series, Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships. Don’t forget the first article here.

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