Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships #3: Working it out and scheduling it in

This is the third article of the series, Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships. See the second article now.

The average American works a 9-to-5 job. They get up, get kids ready for school, take care of animals or chores and head to work. After work, they have family activities, meals, homework and whatever else comes up. Sometimes, this involves additional work. How can you possibly think about working out with all these other “things” going on?
I’m the first one to know what it is like to enjoy a full day, with lots of commitments. My freshman year of college, I was an active member of six student organizations and worked a part-time job. By sophomore year, I had consolidated to four student organizations, still worked a part-time job and maintaining a higher GPA. By the time I graduated, I had only three student organizations I was active leader with one part-time job. I cannot believe it has been three years since graduation (am I really almost 1/4 century old?!) and my eagerness to be involved has not decreased. However, my interest to make the most of my time has increased. How can you do that, with a household or significant other to care for?
Selecting priorities.
This series is focused not just on healthy foods, but the balance between healthy foods and healthy exercise habits. They go hand in hand. Before you tell me that “you cannot make working out a priority”, put this into perspective. You have one life. To live that life, you have one body. If you do not take care of that body, what will happen?

It will deteriorate more quickly and have less energy. In turn, in your one life, how will this effect your experiences to come? What are your other priorities that having a healthy, energetic body can affect?
For many, it is family. I want to live to a healthy age to have children and eventually hope they have some babies for grandchildren. If I make healthy habits now, it will pay off for when I can become a grandmother with lots of mobility and energy! Check out this awesome 82-year-old. If she does not motivate you, what does? One of my daily mantras I say to myself is “I am going to set aside what I want now for what I want most.” What do you want most? Do you choose healthy habits as a priority?
what i want most
If you choose it as a priority, now you must work it out with your partner or family. How might you do this? Set aside time for a family meeting or to talk with your partner about your goal and setting this priority.
How can you both work together to fit it in your schedules?
When you ensure you are all on the same page, there is no confusion, no miscommunication and you also have someone else to keep you accountable.
Maybe you will go to the gym together! I know this will become a habit for my boyfriend and I, especially when we see one another. It is a priority for both of us so we make time to do it together. This also adds more fun to your gym experience. Couples who train together stay together! When you add this habit together and commit to the days/times, it simplifies the routine so it becomes second nature. If you can’t schedule your workouts together, maybe coordinating a rotation for one to go the gym while the other heads to work or drops off/picks up the kids might work? The best way to see what works is set a plan, try it, and if it does not work at first, go back to your family meeting and try a different method.
We are all busy people but there is no room for excuses when creating healthy relationships. With that in mind, one of my and David’s favorite body parts to train is back. Here is a challenging back workout you can try by yourself or with your significant other!
couples who

Strong Sweet Caroline, Couple Back Workout

  • Pull Ups: 5 rounds, 8-12 reps, and if can’t do all reps, other person can assist with holding and pushing feet/knees
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Rows: 4 rounds, 15 reps each arm
  • Low Cable Rows superset Wide Lateral Pull downs: each person starts on one machine and switches to other at same time: 4 rounds, 15-20 reps
  • Cable Back Flies superset Renegade Rows: 5 rounds, 10 reps each exercise, renegade rows using lighter weights in a plank position to row each arm 10 times
  • Row Machine: Finish strong and race one another (if you’re competitive that is) to 200m on the row machine
Don’t forget to warm up before hand and stretch afterwards.
How do you plan to work it out and schedule it in?

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