Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships #8: Go on that “dirty food” date

This is the eighth article of the series, Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships. See the seventh article now.

You know that FAVORITE restaurant with the amazing, greasy, sugary, tasty foods that really aren’t good for you but it has a significance for you and your loved one? It sounds delicious, especially since you have been changing your home eating routines and cleaning up your diet. In your head, you are like “nah, we can’t go eat there if we want to stick to our new habits.”

You know what? I recommend you GO on that dirty food date. Here’s five reasons why that will create healthy relationships with your foods and loved ones.

5 Reasons to go on “dirty food” dates


  1. Gives you a reason for date night.

    • Does anyone else seem to fall in a routine or rut where you get caught up in the whirlwind of the day to day activities? What happens when you don’t schedule in something important? It doesn’t happen. I’ve seen this happen with many couples, especially with kids. The family and children’s activities come first. Dates go on the back burner. Don’t let it! Food is a time to bond, as I have shared in other posts. By scheduling a “dirty food” date, it can be a good reason to get out of the house, visit your favorite restaurant or try a new one!
    • David and I love Italian, Mediterranean, ice cream and burgers and fries. This gives us flexibility to be healthy if we want or to have that dirty foods date.
  2. Positively benefits your metabolism.

    • Yes, you heard me right. Having a cheat meal, dirty food date with foods you do not typically eat can be GOOD for your body! Why? When you are at a certain caloric level, your body adapts. If you suddenly increase your calories, especially with less healthy foods, your metabolism must accelerate to digest it. Make sure if you have any medical conditions to consult your medical provider before attempting any crazy overindulgent meals like you might see on television or YouTube.
  3. Rewards habit commitment.

    • When developing habits, it is important to acknowledge the small wins. All those small accomplishments add up to the big wins. By going on a dirty date, you are rewarding and acknowledging the commitment to yourself and your family. Treat yourself! For me, I am very particular about my dirty cheat meals and usually will not try something new unless I know from high recommendations it will taste GREAT! That’s why I tend to go back to the same restaurants or order the same type of foods.
  4. Keeps your significant other happy.

    • If we are honest with ourselves, usually one person in the relationship is more dedicated to their diet and meal plan than the other. Maybe you are going in on your own for now and trying to get your partner on board. If so, going on a dirty date night will keep them happy. It also shows you care about their needs and are wanting to maintain and enhance your healthy relationship together.
    • David loves his sushi. I like it and know that we can enjoy it together, although he will indulge more than me. 🙂
  5. Placebo effect for a new week on diet.

    • With your belly full and your taste buds satisfied, the placebo effect can be in full force. Your brain will be happy with the treats you had and you can use this mindset to start your new week on diet. If you are one of the lucky ones to have more than one cheat or refeed meal per week, setting those times in your schedule and calendar with your loved one can make all the difference for creating healthy habits together. A nap or early bedtime might be in store too.

Now that I’ve convinced you to go on a dirty food date, where will you go? What’s your preferred treat or cheat meal? Keep up the great work on your goals! If interested, I offer one-on-one consultation and can help you on your journey. Until next time, keep up the great work!

This is the eighth article of the series, Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships. See the sixth article now and thanks for reading! Be sure to share and subscribe for future content.

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