Happy birthday, 1/4 century young and full of life ahead!

You heard right. I recently celebrated my 25th birthday! What’d I do? Simple things: work, play, goals and family. As I think about the past 24 years of my life, it’s not about getting old. I’m not turning 25 years old. It’s 25 years of life, of age, of vibrancy. I’m 25 years YOUNG! Ask anyone over the age of 21, being referred to as “young” is a compliment! It’s not just a compliment but something I plan to embrace.

Interpretation in language adds positive or negative emphasis to everything. For most of my life, there has been a mix of both. However, my most beneficial life experiences have come from positive influencers, role models, supporters and friends. When we focus to positive energy, even the tough times can be overcome with less stress, grief and fortitude. That’s why I choose to not use the word “old”. It’s perceived in a negative way. You can flip it to wisdom with age but let’s face it, people still perceive your body wearing down and not being “in tune” with the up and up as aging. That’s why I think eating a healthy balanced diet and exercising are key to preventative, long term health. And celebrating with birthday carrot cake with my boyfriend and later burger and fries with family are good balance.

My word for 2017 has been “moxie” or to have vigor, courage and determination. I’m confident my decisions, relationships, conversations and experiences have exuded that. If not, at least I have six more months to improve.  With this word in mind and turning 1/4 century young, I hope this word sticks for a lifetime. It is an adjective worth keeping. Will it be challenging? Sure–if I don’t stay focused. But, that’s where life has taught me to surround myself with the right people, say no more often and give greatly.

God has offered many blessings in my life and there were some I never took. Now more than ever, I’m willing to accept the blessings He brings. They may be disguised but that will still provide more for my whole being that rejecting or turning away from Him. I’ve already done that too much. I’ve ignored, gone against, fallen to the “world” and “society”. Now I’m choosing to follow what He’s laid on my heart and run towards it. I’m running without fear.

I’m grateful for the experiences, places seen, places yet unseen, people who have come and gone and people who have stayed. I was blessed to received 1 video, 3 voicemail/phone calls, 63 Facebook messages, 25 text messages and 8 LinkedIn messages all wishing me a happy birthday! It’s pretty amazing the time people take out of their busy schedules to wish me, one person, a good day. It is a small reminder that I do make a difference in the lives of many, even ones I may not have met personally! I know that in this next year, I will strive to do more of that. I also plan to share acknowledgement for others who touch my life.

One of those people I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday. Emily Frisella is a boss babe (primarily as owner of Fit Home & Health), with farm roots and a passion for health. I’ve been following her a few years on social media and love her food and fitness motivation, down-to-earth personality, business savvy and power-couple relationship goals with her husband Andy.

Emily Frisella Cooking Demonstration at The Hive
Emily prepares hamburgers using a “cleaner” preparation method with fewer ingredients

I found out maybe one week before my birthday she was coming to small town Mechanicsburg, Ohio, outside of Columbus, Ohio, to host a cooking class. It was also going to be at my friend Lyndsey’s new venue, The Hive. Even with short notice, I had to attend. After meeting and talking with her, Emily embodies “moxie” and I am excited to connect with her further!

Caroline and Emily Frisella
Caroline and Emily at cooking demonstration hosted by The Hive in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. No, we didn’t plan the purple pants LOL!

Little unpredictable timings and moments like these cannot be taken for granted. Embrace them. Pursue those opportunities you’ve “always wanted to try” or “sounds fun”. You get to live one life. Live it as a young person would do! Live full of energy, with excited eyes, an open heart and a blessed soul.

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