Become the strong woman you admire

There are many people who never share their true feelings towards others they admire. There are many people who do not know how much they impact others. Most times, these are one type of person. They are strong women.
I’ve evolved as a strong woman myself. It’s taken time to come out. But, deep down, I’ve always been strong. At a young age, I would come up with these big goals for awards, accomplishments and contribution. Then, I would execute. I would not really promote it much. I kept to myself. I focus so hard on my goals, build myself from the inside out, and share my growth with close friends and family. I have always given my whole heart to anything and anyone I support and believe in. I also had a few weaknesses.
I wanted to please others. I wanted to be liked by others. I wanted to make people feel like I cared.
For me, this was making me feel good. But only for so long. I did this through four years of college and even into the first year in a full-time career. It started to make me steer away from my true self. It was shifting me away from my natural abilities as a strong woman. I desire to impact others without sacrificing my personal beliefs and values.

I cannot recall the exact day, but there was a shift for me internally and externally. I had seen a physically strong woman in the gym and immediately felt inspired. I chose to pursue that same strength. Through the past two and a half year process, I have not only transformed my strength externally with bodybuilding, but also internally. It has reflected in my day-to-day life with family, friends, colleagues and customers. I wanted to live with moxie. And each day, I am strengthening that characteristic.
The other day, I had a phone call with a friend who lives in California. We met during college and through the years, have kept in touch here and there. I’ve always admired her work ethic, gumption, and strength, internally and externally. A few months ago, I was compelled to call her. I’m glad I did. She has experienced someĀ unforeseenĀ changes in life. In my eyes, she is a strong woman. She’s had some different career changes, trying to find her passion. She is now raising a child without a supportive father and working on her physical fitness and career goals. More importantly, she is anchored through faith in Christ and He is leading her.
After talking for about 30 minutes, she says to me, “Caroline, you are amazing and God used you today. You have given me a new air and I’m thankful to call you a friend.”
This struck me. I realized that in this conversation, I was becoming the strong woman I admired. She not only appreciated me as a friend, but as a strong female role model. I had insights and advice that genuinely helped. At the end of our call, she feel better and had set some action plans going forward.
Today, I feel empowered. I am becoming more like the strong women I admire. I do not have to please people. I just have to be me. I believe that each day, I am evolving into more of the woman God created me to be. I am finding focus, vision and strength through Him. In my evolution, I am more happy. And people have noticed.
Strong Sweet Caroline  | Become the strong woman you admire
If there is one piece of advice I can share, it’s that we each need to take time to discover and pursue who we want to become. No matter male or female, be strong in who you are becoming. This is a revelation for our future. If more people my age and older take time to discover themselves, make changes necessary to pursue who he or she is, we as a society have much more hope ahead.
You can become the strong woman you admire. She is within you. Help her reawaken.

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