Four things to do when you move to a new city

I have moved four times since graduating from The Ohio State University in May 2014. Each time, I have gone to a new city. Three of the four I never actually visited before moving there! A while back, I blogged about my largest move to Nebraska. Now that I have moved again (this time in Atlanta, Georgia), I’ve done some thinking on the trials and tribulations relocating can create. I think it can often be easier to do than we think.
Below are four things I recommend doing when you move to a new city. BONUS: I discuss one of my favorite healthier alternative ingredients to use when creating baked goods.
  1. Get acclimated with the area
When moving to a new place, especially a large city, it can be very intimidating. The first thing I like to do is pull up Google maps and see what the surround area, towns and roads look like. Then, hit the road. It serves you well to drive around, take in the local businesses and get a feel for your surrounds and directions. I even allow myself to get lost. Usually, that’s how I find new coffee shops, backroads and fun places to explore. When I lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana for my first job territory, I found a neat coffee shop called Firefly Coffeehouse. The more comfortable you can become, the more quickly the “new” factor will wear off and you can normalize your area.

  1. Make a list of priorities
What are the key things you need in a new place you live? For me, I know I want to have some local parks, renovated communities and a gym within close proximity. I’m willing to travel for other amenities. If I do not have those staple priorities, it can be hard to adjust and feel like you are creating a “home”. It’s easy to make a new place feel comfortable when you can relate new things to old places and things that brought you joy. For my new move to Atlanta, David and I have been training at Crunch Fitness in Johns Creek. The atmosphere, equipment and people are great. I feel motivated every time I go in and have already made some friends from recent visits. If it is finding a library, a local dog park, church or something else, put it on your schedule to do it.
  1. Continue habits
Among the hustle and bustle of moving, it can be easy to push habits to the side. Maybe you’re trying to buy a house, rent a new apartment, sign up for a local club, interview and secure a new job. All of these moving pieces have thrown off your routine. The best thing you can do to start grounding yourself to rebuild those old habits. One habit I have found I need in my life is daily meditation. Sometimes, it is simply five minutes of quiet time. Nonetheless, it helps me refocus and reframe my mind for a more positive, productive day.
And I bake. Baking calms my mind. I am actually starting to pull together some of my unique recipes to offer within my meal prep business and looking into creating a protein treats cook book.
Sometimes, it’s simple things like gluten free pancakes and a homemade blueberry syrup. Other times, it involves more creativity. This recent recipe was spot on to what I wanted. Protein Peanut Butter cookies.
Yes, they were soft. Yes, they still had flavor. Yes, they had 10g of protein PER COOKIE. I also made a half batch of a new recipe I’m trying for some protein muffins. Noms. I’m keeping these recipes to myself for now. Stay tuned, more excitement to come!
I can share one key ingredient used for both of these recipes: nonfat Greek yogurt. It is processed differently than regular yogurt and can help improve probiotic activity in your gut. It also is packed with protein and the consistency works well to sweeten and moisten baked goods. I use it often to replace sour cream, butter and oils also!
  1. Network and create a local crew
Last but certainly not least, surround yourself with new people. Push past your comfort zone to attend events, try new things and meet others in your area. David is going to be traveling a lot with his new role. This will give me time to explore, keep working on my business and build relationships with others in the north Atlanta community. I won’t just do this in the gym either. I will take a conscious effort to do it by finding a new church, new gal pals and local mentors and businesses I can create relationships.
No matter if you are moving across town to a “new city” or moving across the country, change is always a transition. Take time to refocus, realign your needs and priorities and do these four things to simplify the process. Do you have any additional tips to share? Please comment below if so!

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