What a four-week transformation is really like

Join now for this, lose weight in x time, transform your body today. I constantly see ads and promotions for weight loss programs and “transformation challenges”. I’ve never done one before because they seemed to good to be true and the transformation photos always seemed unrealistic or unattainable.
As someone wanting to learn and grow more as an athlete and coach, it was time to try it myself.
Four week transformation
On August 3, I started the Templebuilders Transformation Challenge. Height 5′ 4″, weight 141. I’ve been in a caloric surplus for about 8 months, basically the whole time David and I have been dating. When I say “surplus”, I mean consuming more calories than my body needs to maintain a weight so I can put on more weight. This has been my goal to add muscle mass in my off season or improvement season of bodybuilding. Nonetheless, with the end of summer and some wedding coming up, I figured it would be a good time to shock my body, speed up my metabolic rate and try my chance to win some cash.

How it works

  • Providing general info. Julius asked for some basic information about me. A few questions included allergies, preferred home or gym workouts and number of meals per day.
  • Complete consent form and payment. This protects you and the coach. And when you pay for something, you’re usually more committed to follow through.
  • Receive your plan. Your coach will use info provided to give a customized plan. Depending on the challenge, some coaches provide more details than others. Take note of that when you sign up for a new program because some might just be generic.
  • Ask questions and go shopping. You’re first glance at your plan might seem confusion or overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! That’s why you hire someone. Go to the grocery store and get the foods and supplements recommended. Everything is purposeful.
  • Train your butt off (or on). Odds are, whatever workout plan you’re provided, it’s different than what you are used to. Follow it. If you have to modify movements to complete it, do it. Just don’t give up.
  • Record your progress and stay engaged with it. When you record what you’re doing, you begin to understand the system. This allows you to track how your body is affected, what’s working and what isn’t. It also helps your coach. Typically you will have check ins with updated and photographs. This aids you and your coach to keep you focused on the prize and making adjustments. But don’t get discouraged if no changes are made. “No news is good news” is similar to “no program change, keep up the good work”. It means it’s working. As said above, keep going and don’t give up.
  • Build support. Tell friends and family your goal and new challenge. Join a Facebook group or online forum (might even directly related to the challenge). It’s true that being surrounded by other motivated, inspired people help you achieve your goals. That support is critical to your success. IMG_20170819_193203_836
  • Get results. When the challenge concludes, you will have results. They won’t all be external. Some of the best transformations are also internally. Reflect on the entire process and your results. It might surprise you how far you’ve come.

My challenge experience

In reviewing the above, this experience opened my eyes to new things. First and foremost, I had never done a true “low carb diet”. It is effective for weight loss. I also had the opportunity to try new workout programs and some change from my usual High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio.
This past four weeks made me feel like I was in competition prep again. Meal prepping became standardized. Repetition and efficiency were key. I’d be lying if I said it was easy. A few family members thought I was crazy but many friends have encouraged me, even in my “hangry” moments.

Strong Sweet Caroline - Four Week transformation
Yeah, legit hangry face.
I have learned even more about my body and it’s response to training and foods. I am lucky with a naturally high metabolism and ended up losing 10 pounds over 4 weeks. That was a bit more than my goal but I also believe I added lean muscle mass along the way.
Strong Sweet Caroline - Abs four week transformation
My abs are usually a good indicator of my leanness
Now, I’m going to reverse diet for a few weeks to put on a few pounds the “healthier” way. In October, I will be headed to Scottsdale, Arizona for Fitposium and could not be more excited! I did not win, but the experience more valuable than a cash prize. Now, I’m more motivated than ever to continue on my fitness journey, as well as my entrepreneurial journey with my meal prep company. The past week has led to much productivity with general business development and brainstorming, menu creation and outreach for branding and marketing. The biggest takeaway I had from this challenge was individual knowledge and learning adds value for those around you.
Strong Sweet Caroline - 4 week transformation
Never forget to enjoy the process and have fun!
Let me know if I can be of service through one-one-coaching and meal preparations (as my business expands). I highly recommend the Templebuilders programs and believe many can benefit. You never know what someone can teach you, but you have to be willing and open to new perspectives to truly grow.

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