Recovery mode and why you need to do it

Do you ever feel the need to flip into “recovery mode”? Yeah, me too. Recently, I’ve been running so hard I almost trip over myself. From one part time to another, promoting my meal prep for new clients and caring for the current, making time to go the gym five times per week, preparing to launch a new meal prep challenge program starting January 1, I have a lot on my plate.

When this starts to happen, a few things result. My sleep patterns become inconsistent. My skin starts to break out. My muscles and body tense up. The first two I can control. The last one takes more effort. Yoga and stretching help only so much when I make time for them. The other is visiting with a chiropractor for additional soft tissue muscle tension release.

I met Dr. Svienn Bjorns through David shortly after moving to Atlanta. I have had a handful of sessions with him to improve my mobility, recovery and strength with heavy impact strength training.

When he works on me, it is not pain free. It is often brutal. However, two to three days after, I feel much better! I had not had a consistent chiropractor that could adjust me and also perform cupping.

I highly recommend y’all look into having this done every month or so. See the video now and understand why you might benefit from it!


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