How to REACH for more and a back workout you must try

We finished the first week into the new year. Now what?

For some of you, you’re going STRONG! Your new year goals or resolutions are well underway and you’re pushing hard to keep achieving milestones towards the big picture.

For others, you are getting in a rut. You feel overwhelmed. You’re nervous you won’t make it through.

I’m not hear to be the cheerleader, rah rah, YOU CAN DO IT! Nope, you don’t want me for that because frankly, it comes off too cheesy. Instead, I’m here to tell you that tough times will continue to be tough until you make the mental shift and reach past it. Reach beyond for more within and outside of you!

Strong Sweet Caroline - REACH goals and back workout

Acknowledge your limiting beliefs

Have you heard the term, limiting beliefs? It was about 2 years ago on a podcast, either from Lori Harder or Andy Frisella, discussing how to improve yourself and overcome challenges by acknowledging your limiting beliefs.

Limiting Beliefs: the things we tell ourselves or are preconceived feelings in our heads about ourselves that are usually not true and can prevent us from achieving or fulfilling our opportunities.

Do you have one? Maybe multiple?

Here is one I have been telling myself that simply is NOT true:

I cannot coach people until I have formal education.

I already have a “formal education” from my bachelor’s degree. Do I really need a certificate or additional education to coach people? No. But, for me to feel more qualified, I want to expand my education and be well versed in the areas I’m practicing and preaching.

Here is a different limiting belief I have heard from others:

I cannot lose weight because I’m so busy with x,y,z that I cannot cook my own food or get to the gym.

Try rephrasing the above to the following: “I cannot lose weight because cooking my own food or getting to the gym is not a priority, therefore, neither is my weight loss.”

Harsh? Maybe a little. But, if we start thinking about these limiting beliefs and often, self-taught excuses as to why we are or are not choosing to do something, it can put a new perspective to the bigger issue of reaching our goals!

Put your back [and heart] into it

This is me getting vulnerable. There have been times I have caught myself not putting my back into it. My heart may have not been fully in the goal I was trying to achieve. And it was not until later that I realized it.

That’s mostly what happened with my meal prep company. I became complacent. I was not actively trying to get new clients. I was getting tired from cooking and lost creative spark and joy in the process. I lost sight of my ‘WHY’ and took too long to get back up out of the rut.

If instead, you learn from my mistakes and can identify when you are slacking or lacking and take a step toward the goal, lean into it, and reach for it, you will more likely succeed!

The reason I use the phrase “put your back into it” is from workouts and training. A lot of times, we go about our day and do not realize how much work our backs actually do! They are a big muscle group, responsible for keeping our spine aligned, keeping us UPRIGHT. If we don’t strengthen that muscle group, we will get weak. It can lead to injury or worse.

The back is a muscle group we cannot visibly “see” when training it, unless we have a mirror. It’s mostly the mind and the muscles connecting.

Set daily intentions & REACH

By first acknowledging your limiting beliefs, then putting your back and heart back into it, you are ready to set daily intentions and REACH for your goals!

What are daily intentions? These are the things you are going to say to yourself or write down for yourself EVERY DAY (hence, calling them “daily intentions) that will get you closer to achieving your goals.

It can be as general as:

I will focus on gratitude for my body and health today.

It can be even more specific than that:

I will cultivate creativity to write portions of my new program as a health coach to help others succeed!

I have also become more visual with my daily intentions and created this one-pager that is helping me:

I share these to myself daily. I then go through my daily, weekly and monthly goals. Setting daily intentions has been a game changer for my progress!

Not only that, but the main reason I shared that you can REACH is because this is my Word of the Year! I intend to reach further, reach more often, reach for my goals and intentions, reach out to friends and family more and reach for my fullest potential!

Are you ready? Comment below how you are planning to reach into this new year and month. And try the back workout below!

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