Live up to your rep and keep that GUT in check, especially my fellow C-Section Babies!

For those like me who were born caesarean (aka C-Section), did you know your microbiome started at a disadvantage compared to our friends born a regular/vaginal birth? Here’s a quick snap of how that works.

Regular Birth – the baby gets exposed to vaginal microflora, which “seeds” the GI tract for immunity.

C-Section – the baby gets “abnormal seeding” of GI tract and fewer natural beneficial bacteria from the mother, and more from the external environment.

Some studies suggest this difference can link to allergies, food sensitivities, obesity, and even cancer. Nonetheless, this change in scenery was out of my control and yet, I must be aware now as an adult how that could affect me.

Things I do include:

  • Increase diversity of gut flora with prebiotics and probiotics (BIOHM I’ve been using code CAROLINE for discount at checkout and Just Thrive I’m trying out now)
  • Change up my foods periodically for new, different bacteria and vitamins for the body. Add collagen peptides like Vital Proteins and bone broth to help with gut lining
  • Naturopathic substances like adaptogens, mushrooms, herbs and minerals to assist with stress and balance

Are you a C-Section baby? Have you ever had a food sensitivity or allergy? I was actually allergic to my mom’s milk as a babe.

Those are just a few things I do to help repair and heal the gut. For a customized program, please email The Gut Healing Guide will be launching very soon!



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