About Me

Holistic coach helping women create feminine strength from within. Caroline guides clients through the following:

-Female hormone balance
-Career fulfillment
-Loving relationships

Caroline has experienced many things from working a corporate sales job, traveling across the country (and out of the country) and keeping health a priority to being an entrepreneur, bodybuilder and balancing a fulfilling life. She would love to offer her services and knowledge to you.

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Caroline started from humble beginnings. She was raised on her family’s 500-acre row crop farm in northwest Ohio with field corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa hay. She also cared for a small cattle herd of purebred Shorthorns. Since 2010, the farm has been USDA Certified Organic and still operates today.

Caroline got involved in various leadership and community activities quickly. FFA, 4-H, county livestock judging team, 4-H camp counselor and junior fair board leader were a few she loved. Most notably, she earned her 2011 American FFA Degree and was an Ohio FFA State Officer 2011-2012.

Although always “athletic”, she never declared herself an athlete and only ran track in middle school and 1 year of high school. Her healthy lifestyle did not truly begin until the tail end of college and into her professional career.

Caroline pursued a degree in agricultural communication with a minor in agribusiness from The Ohio State University from 2010-2014. Always living a fast-paced lifestyle, Caroline held various internships, part-time jobs and leadership roles in different student organizations. Some student organizations include Alpha Xi Delta (past Vice President of Public Relations), Agriculture Future of America (AFA) and Scarlet and Gray Ag Day (previous committee co-chair). She relocated to Grand Island, Nebraska after college for her first ever “full time job” as a corporate sales representative. It was definitely a change to “appease” customers, go out to lunch meetings and dinners and drinks in the evenings. She put on 15 pounds AFTER graduating college. Something had to change.


Bodybuilding changed Caroline’s life. What started as an “extreme weight loss plan”, became a new way of living. A lifestyle. Most people cannot fathom weighing out their foods, packing it with them wherever they go. She followed the plans to a ‘T’. And the results began.

Caroline has competed in five NPC Figure Competitions. She won Figure Overall at the 2019 Eastern Seaboard Championship and placed 4th in her division at the 2019 Jr. USA Championship.

She has been working with John Meadows (aka Mountain Dog) since March 2017. She looks forward to scuplting her body as she wants to look and knows his methodical, experienced approach can help her reach that.

Female Hormones

Caroline started to do more independent research on nutrition, training methods, supplementation and overall health, especially for females. Through different preps, Caroline has suffered imbalanced hormones.

Although never using commercial birth control, she experienced inconsistent periods throughout adolescence, self-diagnosed with PCOS as she suffered amenorrhea from 2015-2017. She did not want to just “take a pill” for a “short term fix”. Instead, she started researching, working with different coaches and realized that at the core of her hormone balance was not only the foods and supplements she put into her body, but also the outside factors like beauty products, cleaning products, and her environment — this includes the stressors and way the mind and body connect.

Caroline enrolled in the Integrated Institute of Nutrition and will complete this comprehensive one-year academy in 2020. She has put her focus in the endocrine system and looks forward to helping more women live healthy, balanced lives.

-Strong Sweet Caroline