Meat-filled Monday with beef

It was never difficult to find beef for meal options growing up. Not only did my family raise our own beef cattle [and still do], but we would often use our own cuts of meat to create home-cooked recipes for my mom, dad, sister and me. Beef was a staple item in my diet growing … Continue reading Meat-filled Monday with beef

How can we "meat the myths"?

Today is the information age. For the agriculture industry, this is part of a 'moo'vement. Consumers want to know how their food is grown, what is added or used in the process from pasture to plate and what makes the food healthy or produced 'safely' in their eyes.Along with this factual information, we commonly interact … Continue reading How can we "meat the myths"?

Petri beef… the start of a food evolution?

As we approach upcoming years with uncertainty of population and food availability, researchers and producers are discovering new ways to feed the growing world. Scientists in London have just developed a new opportunity for our taste buds. They grew hamburger. This isn't your normal burger than you would get from a meat or grocery store. … Continue reading Petri beef… the start of a food evolution?

Farming families rely on fathers

Yesterday signified a day where many people honor their fathers. These are the men who not only helped bring us into the world, but hold an important role in the development of our lives. For me, it has taken more time to truly understand the sacrifices my own father makes to provide for my family. … Continue reading Farming families rely on fathers