It’s #FairFriday | 7 characteristics taught at county fairs

Urban and rural dwellers alike agree that a fun summer event is a local county fair. The aromas of greasy fries, the echoing voices of announcers across the grounds and the ceaseless smiles seen on fairgoer faces combine for a vibrant environment. Growing up, I lived for those summers. Through 4-H, FFA and Junior Fairboard, … Continue reading It’s #FairFriday | 7 characteristics taught at county fairs

How can we "meat the myths"?

Today is the information age. For the agriculture industry, this is part of a 'moo'vement. Consumers want to know how their food is grown, what is added or used in the process from pasture to plate and what makes the food healthy or produced 'safely' in their eyes.Along with this factual information, we commonly interact … Continue reading How can we "meat the myths"?

No days off, but always thankful.

Coming home this holiday season, it is nice to take a break from school, relax and embrace some time at home with the family. However, when I come home, the term relax is used loosely. One thing is certain: on a farm, there are no days off. But, we are always thankful.Thanksgiving is a day … Continue reading No days off, but always thankful.

Farming families rely on fathers

Yesterday signified a day where many people honor their fathers. These are the men who not only helped bring us into the world, but hold an important role in the development of our lives. For me, it has taken more time to truly understand the sacrifices my own father makes to provide for my family. … Continue reading Farming families rely on fathers

Caroline the American Girl

I have always claimed myself to be an American girl. I am patriotic, devoted to the greater good and involved in providing for our nation through the agricultural industry. A few days ago, I found something that brought me back to my younger-years and passion for being an American Girl.The American Girl company recently created … Continue reading Caroline the American Girl