The adult capstone: harvest 2016

You have probably seen a lot of dust and smoke billowing into the air as you travel along rural roads. You might have also seen blinking lights on large, slow equipment heading down the road that is not quite wide enough for everyone. I know, you've got a full schedule and many things to worry … Continue reading The adult capstone: harvest 2016

Thankful 30 – Day 4, safe, bountiful harvest.

In agriculture, this time of year is busy and dangerous. In south central Nebraska, harvest is finishing up. On day 4, I am thankful for a safe, bountiful harvest for my customers.My Syngenta Seed Advisors have been hard at work to make sure the local farmers are having a safe, bountiful harvest. Lucky for me, … Continue reading Thankful 30 – Day 4, safe, bountiful harvest.