My week, your week, National Ag Week!

Believe it or not, we have reached the middle of March! Spring is in the air and the seasons are shifting to much more tolerable weather... I know for me, anyway! Not only is weather changing, but outside activities and priorities are also.This upcoming week, it is time to celebrate the integral industry for you, … Continue reading My week, your week, National Ag Week!

Think like an economist

This weekend, I had another meeting in Kansas City for AFA. This trip focused on conference prep, but as always, personal develop. With that, we conducted a lunch visit with UMB Bank. I have become more adapt to reading the financial articles on LinkedIn and the occasional Wall Street Journal. But when talking with businessmen … Continue reading Think like an economist

Meeting market needs 7,000 acres at a time

Don is showing us an onion he pulled out of the field.Many consumers underestimate the demands that agriculturalists meet on a daily basis. It isn't just a matter of making the highest dollar.Farmers and ranchers must meet the market needs while providing the best care for their crops and animals. They typically choose between production … Continue reading Meeting market needs 7,000 acres at a time