Balance your food and apple pie

We constantly see information about balancing life with health and happiness. It's true. In this apple pie recipe, you'll learn a bit more about my balance and also how to still enjoy some tasty fall flavors.

Three steps left going into 11

January 2016 has come and gone. Did anyone else think that went by very quickly? Time is a matter of perception but to me, the month flew by! There are only 11 months left.When I set my goals for 2016, most were pretty lofty. Today, I took some time to review them and see what … Continue reading Three steps left going into 11

I have a confession: I cheated.

The first step towards recovery is acknowledging your failure or weakness. I have a confession: I cheated. The worst thing about cheating is whenever someone cheats, he or she may not acknowledge the probable cause or the "why" of the situation. Well, I am about to do just that.I cheated on myself.As you may know, I … Continue reading I have a confession: I cheated.