How to diet during busy season & on bodybuilding improvement season

It's improvement season and dieting is hard. We all have different goals, different priorities and have to put energy to many things. Read how I diet during busy season & on bodybuilding improvement season

Stronger than you think from competition — treat yourself with a Kodiak Brownie Cookie Dough Cake

You are stronger than you think. Even when facing challenges, you can achieve amazing results. And you deserve to treat yourself. Try out this Kodiak Brownie Cookie Dough Cake recipe, featuring ingredients like Kodiak cake mix, Greek yogurt cream cheese and honey!

Make carbs work for you

Carbs are neither good nor bad. They are necessary. Read how to make them work for you and your goals!

5 steps to meal prepping for beginners

Meal prep and GO! That's all it takes.OK, in reality, it takes a bit more than that. I know from experience. However, like anything, you have to reach a point where you are willing to dive in, head first, and start. If you don't, you will keep telling yourself you either might not have time, … Continue reading 5 steps to meal prepping for beginners

Meat-filled Monday with beef

It was never difficult to find beef for meal options growing up. Not only did my family raise our own beef cattle [and still do], but we would often use our own cuts of meat to create home-cooked recipes for my mom, dad, sister and me. Beef was a staple item in my diet growing … Continue reading Meat-filled Monday with beef

My week, your week, National Ag Week!

Believe it or not, we have reached the middle of March! Spring is in the air and the seasons are shifting to much more tolerable weather... I know for me, anyway! Not only is weather changing, but outside activities and priorities are also.This upcoming week, it is time to celebrate the integral industry for you, … Continue reading My week, your week, National Ag Week!

Thankful 30 – Day 17, food

Mmmmmmm, FOOD! Who does not like food? Seriously? It is funny because I have grown up surrounded by food options my entire life. Dang, I'm lucky. I'm so very thankful for food.It nourishes my body. It comforts me. It brings people together. God has blessed me with it.But guess what else? It causes wars. It … Continue reading Thankful 30 – Day 17, food

Curbed my craving: Homemade Cauliflower Crust Pizza

We all get cravings. Sometimes, it is for sweets and desserts. Other times, it is for salty, greasy, fat-loaded foods. I had the sodium cravings last weekend. I wanted pizza. Instead of going out and spending extra money I don't have in my budget, I made one. The crust was made from cauliflower and then … Continue reading Curbed my craving: Homemade Cauliflower Crust Pizza