Strong Sweet Caroline - FOMO or FOBP? Your choice.

FOMO or FOBP? Your call.

Last weekend, David and I took a day trip to go white water rafting with friends. It was a new experience and fun! Did we let other worldly distractions get in the way in the form of FOMO? With a FOBP? Make your call.

How to diet during busy season & on bodybuilding improvement season

It's improvement season and dieting is hard. We all have different goals, different priorities and have to put energy to many things. Read how I diet during busy season & on bodybuilding improvement season

5 tips to succeed in your casted roles

We all have been casted for roles in life. This past weekend at Fitposium 2017, I had an amazing opportunity to network with fitness professionals and presenters. This compiles 5 key takeaways and tips to succeed in your roles in life.

New YouTube series

Starting a new YouTube "day in the life" series with David. Check out our first episode now!

Four things to do when you move to a new city

When you move to a new city, there are new steps you take. How can you make it as smooth a transition as possible? Read what four things I recommend doing when moving to a new city. BONUS: one of my favorite ingredients to use when creating protein baked goods.

Caroline’s Next Chapter: Atlanta, Georgia

In my book of life, I'm transitioning to a new chapter. Read now to find out what & where!

Daily supplements as a female weightlifter

To optimize your strength and physique, it is more than just the foods you eat and your training regiment. There are additional factors and one I receive questions on is supplementation. I go in depth on the current supplements I add to my diet and why you might consider them.

Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships #9: how to reinvent snacking

Snacking does not have to be the enemy. Read how I reinvent snacking in a good way. This is the ninth article of my series, Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships. Enjoy!