Save 20% on ENLIGHTENED Roasted Broad Beans!

When I am constantly traveling, it is hard to eat healthy. It requires planning and intention. Lucky for me, I found products from Beyond Better Foods in 2015. Living a healthy lifestyle is not simply eating fruits and vegetables, but also enjoying snacks and sweets for life balance.

ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream and ENLIGHTENED Roasted Broad Bean Crisps are a staple in my house and I’d like to expose you to them too! I am pleased to offer 20% off online orders at with my discount code strongsweet20.


You may be able to purchase these items at your local grocery store. However, with additional costs to put items on those shelves, typically cost increases when purchasing from the grocer. It may be an opportunity to try out a new Roasted Broad Bean Crisps flavor or fulfill that Ice Cream craving.

Please reach out with any questions and I hope you will try these delicious, macro-friendly treats!

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