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What makes you extraordinary?

I had the privilege to speak at the AFA Leaders Conference for the second time! This session, based off of Franklin Covey's 5 Choices for Extraordinary Productivity was titled, Balancing Your Priorities. From the start of the trip, it was bound to be something special. David accompanied me and we would be flying out the … Continue reading What makes you extraordinary?

The 5 toughness rules in seeds and fitness

Toughness experienced in seed and fitness is one that once you attain it, you can keep it going to become a tough cookie. This past week, I concluded there are five fundamental rules for toughness. What are they? Read on.

Recipe: Protein-packed White Chocolate Cranberry Bars

Need a healthy, high protein treat to start the new year? You'll love these white chocolate cranberry bars. Bet you can't guess the main ingredient!

Baby calves and 3 tips for getting necessary vitamins

There is nothing more exciting when I get to see a new baby be born on the farm. It is even more fun around a holiday like Christmas! This week, my grandpa's cow had a newborn calf. As I grew up, I would often help in the labor process, whether it was to calm the … Continue reading Baby calves and 3 tips for getting necessary vitamins