What makes you extraordinary?

I had the privilege to speak at the AFA Leaders Conference for the second time! This session, based off of Franklin Covey’s 5 Choices for Extraordinary Productivity was titled, Balancing Your Priorities.

From the start of the trip, it was bound to be something special. David accompanied me and we would be flying out the night before my presentation. I accidentally put E85 gas in my car, thinking it was FlexFuel when in reality, it was only Eco system. Therefore, David and I pushed our boundaries to get to the airport on time for our flight. We made it with a half hour of chill time before boarding! The uneventful flight was nice, and caught a Lyft ride to the Sheraton Crown Plaza. It was midnight central time when we checked in and as you can imagine, I was ready for bed. Unfortunately, sleep did not come easily. I’m always nervous before a speaking event. I had prepared as much as I could and know now I could have tweaked and polished some things. Nonetheless, it was what I hoped for, planned for and more!

The organization and people are extraordinary. And they inspire me to do the same. Throughout the presentation, I caught myself reflecting a lot on my own productivity or lack of. My own goals and ones that I was performing or underperforming. I also thought about my current primary roles that I can enhance and improve.

I’m not simply a presenter, speaker or facilitator. I am a strong woman, caretaker, lover, writer, athlete, influencer, adventurer, cook and more! All of these roles can be used to describe me. This is part of what I helped these college freshmen evaluate for themselves.

Strong Sweet Caroline - Extraordinary

I gave them a new perspective. They can become extraordinary. We all can! It’s just a matter of the amount of time, dedication and effort put into your craft. A real life example I used was Steve Jobs. He was wildly successful because he dedicated his life to his passion and interest and did not let anyone stop him. To be extraordinary, we first identify our beliefs and values. The passions and interests stem from there. We cannot divert from our deepest beliefs and values. If that happens, and it happens to all of us at some point, we hit a plateau, a “mid-life crisis” if you will.

The extraordinary lead from unwavering beliefs and values. 

Caroline Weihl

It was beautiful seeing and working with these bright students. They were receptive to learning how to be extraordinary. They were even more intrigued by my transformation within my career, my passions in health and bodybuilding, and David and I’s relationship.

This event revitalized me to continue extending my reach to share my gifts and become a master of my trade. I will help women find feminine strength through health and healing. I also aspire to share relationship advice. David and I are not perfect. But we have invested in one another to sculpt our relationship for the future.

After the event, David and I got some Kansas City barbecue and spent the evening in Power and Light District with some old friends. It was well worth the little sleep. It also shed light for David from the presentation and friends to an underlying health issue we were not aware of before.

After we got back, we focused on realignment and our routines. David’s now healing what a doctor discovered is an esophagus ulcer. And I’m working on healing my energy from within. In order to reach our extraordinary goals and extraordinary life, we must take new actions and set those new habits daily. 

What makes you extraordinary? Believe it, act it, become it! 


The 5 toughness rules in seeds and fitness

This week, I was visiting a retailer who sells my company’s seed. We talked about the challenging horizon farmers and agriculturalists face today.

Farmers have many choices. They can choose new equipment, better land, sustainable soil and fertility practices, and the most innovative solutions and seeds. However, these choices are coupled with decreased value, lower market prices and more scrutiny from neighbors, family and the public. The account manager and I were discussing these challenges. He then states, “seeds representatives are tough”.

I stopped for a second to think about it. I nodded in agreement.

I’m a seeds representative. I’ve been told many times it is far from easy being in sales for corn and soybean seed. But for some reason, this resonated with me. I don’t think just anyone can be a seeds rep. There is more toughness to it than many other roles. I have been in seed sales nearly three years and I have not always been tough. I also don’t believe it all stems from working in a male-dominated, emotionally-oriented industry. It is parallel to the toughness I have had to develop in my fitness and health goals.

Through my experiences in both seeds and bodybuilding, I conclude on five fundamental rules for toughness.


1) Admit when you don’t know, find out, and move on. 

When I moved to Nebraska in November 2014, I didn’t know shit about Nebraska agriculture. “But, it’s just corn and soybeans, right?” Sure is. However, it’s amazing the difference geography and culture have on production practices and product selection. For example, Nebraska is much drier than Ohio. To help the crops grow, they must supplement water on the fields, whether it is above the ground with pivot irrigation or underground irrigation. I had to be humble and admit I did not know these things, learn them, and keep going with my job.

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Recipe: Protein-packed White Chocolate Cranberry Bars

This winter, I am in a bulking phase in preparation for some fall 2017 bodybuilding shows. It’s been about two years of training and learning what my body likes and does not like when it comes to food and nutrition. I’ve learned a lot; a lot to go!

That being said, I was not going to let this Christmas season

1) be extremely structured that I could not enjoy myself with some favorite foods and wine

2) miss the opportunity to try new, protein packed recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

Allow me to present, the White Chocolate Cranberry Bars. I had pinned a recipe a long while ago from the Epicurean Bodybuilder. With a few personal modifications, I’m in love.


The photographs from the original version made them look dry and thick. With my changes, it turned out quite the opposite.

Soft, chewy, moist bars with a light hint of the white chocolate from melted chips and cut up cranberries within the bars. It reminds me a lot of a cake consistency. Yummy!

These are also “flour free” bars. Can you guess what the base ingredient is?

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Baby calves and 3 tips for getting necessary vitamins

There is nothing more exciting when I get to see a new baby be born on the farm. It is even more fun around a holiday like Christmas! This week, my grandpa’s cow had a newborn calf.

Say hello to Pat, the baby calf! She is a purebred Shorthorn and will be raised for beef.

As I grew up, I would often help in the labor process, whether it was to calm the mama cow, assist in pulling any calves that were having trouble being born on their own or after labor, bedding the pen and helping the baby nurse from its mom. One of the most important factors for a newborn is ensuring it nurses within an hour or so of birth.

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