Athletic Amenorrhea – Why your period’s gone and how to get it back

Lost your period and can't get it back? As a female athlete, this can be extremely frustrating. Don't give up. Read what can cause it, what can happen if you don't get it back and some steps to finding a solution.

Competition cut, modeling photo shoot & period health

The time is here and I'm SO EXCITED! It feels like forever and let's be real, 3 years off from competition for a goal to step on stage as a bodybuilding competitor is a LONG TIME. With many moving pieces in my life, I am ready for it. I am officially 12 weeks out from … Continue reading Competition cut, modeling photo shoot & period health

Recovery mode and why you need to do it

Do you ever feel the need to flip into "recovery mode"? Yeah, me too. Recently, I've been running so hard I almost trip over myself. Read how I'm incorporating chiropractic visits to help my body heal and recover.