New Healthy Dessert Ebook!

Introducing my new healthy dessert cookbook! Some are simple, others a bit more elaborate but all nourish and help you grow! Who's in?

3 fresh flavors you’ll love this spring

I've been on a cool foods kick lately. Some of my favorite recipes right now use unique ingredients that are not only tasty, but cost effective and versatile. Here are 3 fresh flavors to try this spring by Strong Sweet Caroline

Four things to do when you move to a new city

When you move to a new city, there are new steps you take. How can you make it as smooth a transition as possible? Read what four things I recommend doing when moving to a new city. BONUS: one of my favorite ingredients to use when creating protein baked goods.

Creativity and a healthier ice cream sandwich

When I'm facing challenges or changes, I spend a lot of time reflecting. This is the stage of life I'm in right now. I will dive into in with future blog posts. But to keep it brief, sometimes all these reflection and wandering thoughts can raise my stress and cortisol and must find alternative measures to overcome that. This is when I get creative and bake. This time, I went with a summer favorite, the ice cream sandwich! Check out my recipe with some surprising and tasty ingredients.

Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships #6: Meal Prep Managed through different cooking methods

It's rubbish when our partner or family members critique our meals. But, be a wizard like Hermoine and manage your meal prep! Check out my top cooking methods in 2017.

Recipe: Protein Sweet Potato Waffle

It's a simple idea, if something tastes bad, change the recipe. Found a great recipe for protein sweet potato waffles. You ready to try it?

Recipe: Oatmeal Creme [Protein] Pie

I haven't had a oatmeal creme pie in ages. But, when you realized how bad processed sugar and carbs can be for your body, you improvise. This is not your average oatmeal creme pie... it's protein packed! See recipe now.

Recipe: Protein-packed White Chocolate Cranberry Bars

Need a healthy, high protein treat to start the new year? You'll love these white chocolate cranberry bars. Bet you can't guess the main ingredient!