How to grow your arms or any lagging body part

What can help you grow your arms?

Trust me, I used to have little BB gun arms. And it’s been a LONG process to see them grow!

How to grow your arms or any lagging body part by Strong Sweet Caroline

Pretty much like any body part, some people and genders are more naturally blessed. I can grow my calves and legs pretty quickly. But when you have a stubborn or lagging area, these are the rules I follow.

How to grow a lagging body part

1) Emphasize training volume. What do I mean? Increase the number of reps and/or weight load used to train the muscle. If you keep doing 10 lbs dumbbells for 3×10 curls, your arms probably will stay the same size, and maybe get some definition, depending on rest periods and time under tension.

2) Eat to grow! Primarily in my off season, I ensure my food intake is high enough where my muscles can soak it all in and grow! Figure out how many calories per day you need. Multiply your weight by 14-16 (16 for a high metabolism if you don’t store a lot of bodyfat naturally, but average person use 15). Then, if you want to gain weight/muscle, add anywhere from 150-400 to start. That’s your calorie goal.

3) Stretching the muscle. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of stretching. In your workouts, make one set focused on the stretch. This can be done by slowing down on the negative, manually stretching between sets and stretching at the end of your whole workout. 20 seconds per stretch for a muscle body is usually sufficient.

Some specific exercises I have found the most results to grow my arms are:

  • Barbell curls
  • Single arm dumbbell hammer curls
  • EZ Bar skullcrushers
  • V-bar cable tricep pushdowns

What’s one of your lagging or weaker body parts? Try implementing this and let me know how it goes! Accepting coaching clients for nutrition, workouts, meal prep and hormone balance. Send me an email at

How to transform what you are feeling to what you are choosing to feel

It’s inside your head. Those negative, degrading, life-sapping thoughts. How did they get there? You claim a bunch of things. Stress is building, your emotions are all over the place and you are having trouble processing what’s true progress. How do you transform what you are feeling to what you are choosing to feel? In as little as 10 minutes, here is how you can make that transformation yourself.

This week started off like many. Working part time at the bakery, following up with meal prep clients and delivering meals, spending time writing for my consulting work and enjoying quality time with my boyfriend while he is working remotely for the week. A few factors were different.

Transform what you are feeling to what you are choosing to feel | Strong Sweet Caroline

I’ve gotten less sleep, I’ve been doing more self-analysis for me and my businesses and I am in a new workout training protocol and believe I injured my shoulder and/or trap muscle from over training and not stretching and recovering like I should. I was not letting it get to me and felt like I was doing a good job mitigating that stress and channeling it to my work and being more productive each day. Until Wednesday.

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