The 5 toughness rules in seeds and fitness

This week, I was visiting a retailer who sells my company’s seed. We talked about the challenging horizon farmers and agriculturalists face today.

Farmers have many choices. They can choose new equipment, better land, sustainable soil and fertility practices, and the most innovative solutions and seeds. However, these choices are coupled with decreased value, lower market prices and more scrutiny from neighbors, family and the public. The account manager and I were discussing these challenges. He then states, “seeds representatives are tough”.

I stopped for a second to think about it. I nodded in agreement.

I’m a seeds representative. I’ve been told many times it is far from easy being in sales for corn and soybean seed. But for some reason, this resonated with me. I don’t think just anyone can be a seeds rep. There is more toughness to it than many other roles. I have been in seed sales nearly three years and I have not always been tough. I also don’t believe it all stems from working in a male-dominated, emotionally-oriented industry. It is parallel to the toughness I have had to develop in my fitness and health goals.

Through my experiences in both seeds and bodybuilding, I conclude on five fundamental rules for toughness.


1) Admit when you don’t know, find out, and move on. 

When I moved to Nebraska in November 2014, I didn’t know shit about Nebraska agriculture. “But, it’s just corn and soybeans, right?” Sure is. However, it’s amazing the difference geography and culture have on production practices and product selection. For example, Nebraska is much drier than Ohio. To help the crops grow, they must supplement water on the fields, whether it is above the ground with pivot irrigation or underground irrigation. I had to be humble and admit I did not know these things, learn them, and keep going with my job.

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